Advertising campaign

In 2018 Sant Cugat was designated the European City of Sport. A city challenge that implied launching a campaign to involve citizens, clubs, and city entities in the world of sport.

Sport goes beyond competition. This was the concept from which all communication was born, implying that sport is also effort, cohesion, leisure and health.


With a fresh and dynamic tone, the campaign avoids institutional language and uses the motto: this 2018 vibrate with sport like never before!


Vibrant and cheerful colors joined messages that seek to connect with citizens. Dynamic shapes inspired by the logo, get in and out of the design pieces, bringing movement to the graphic world aiming to reflect the feeling of sporting.  

Centre d’Estudis del Mar (CEM) is a Diputació de Barcelona facility that promotes knowledge of the coastline and the marine world to ensure its conservation and protection.

The new identity we have created refers to the elements of the marine world. The shades of blue evoke the Mediterranean Sea through flowing shapes inspired by the movement of waves. It is a contemporary brand identity where fish and Posidonia algae also have a place. The graphics are declined into educational materials, dissemination pieces, and signage of the center.


To renew the visual identity of the CEM, we developed a Communication Plan that covers all areas of work and aims to reach different audiences: schools, citizens, tourists, and entities. A new image that values the work and activities of the center and also emphasizes its leadership as a pioneer in underwater spaces.

As communication managers, we worked on the entire visual and conceptual universe of the brand to make it grow. By doing so we modernized its image, providing it with communication assets that placed the company up to the prestige of its centuries-old tradition.

Some of the most memorable works were the annual calendars, one of the company’s most emblematic pieces of communication. A useful and functional gift that brings distinction through design.


We established graphic systems that were applied to all corporate pieces such as the website, the service catalog or the launch of a new service.


During our 2 years stage as communication managers, we created a renewable green energy label to communicate a coherent and powerful brand identity.