Grupo AIA develops innovative software solutions based on algorithms originating in the fields of Artificial Intelligence, Theoretical Physics, and Applied Mathematics. Aymerich’s challenge has been to rebrand the company to reflect its current status.

We have taken a new approach to the Grupo AIA brand, maintaining its essence and reputation but modernizing it to better reflect its influence in software engineering and artificial intelligence.

We have incorporated vibrant electric blue along with other lively and modern colors into its palette, conveying a brand image more in line with current digital times. This rebranding emphasizes its innovation capability and future vision, consolidating its position as a key player in the industry.

The OTS industrial group specializes in thermoplastic injection and has over 25 years of experience working for various strategic sectors internationally.


OTS Group integrates three companies: Solsomot, Injecter, and Joinlab, each with a specific profile within the production process.

The branding project for OTS Group began with a benchmarking analysis to examine the concept and claim of competing companies in the injected plastic industry, as well as innovation companies offering smart tech and technological solutions.



Our graphic approach focused on concentrating the brand’s power in symbol and color, along with a bold modern sans serif font to achieve a powerful, revitalized, and modern logo with an industrial and high-tech feel. From here, we developed variations to create sub-brands for the group.



Key concepts defining the brand are efficiency, excellence, technology, and control.