Corporate identity

Fertilab is a brand that generates enthusiasm for life. We see it as an organic and joyful project that transmits confidence through the different elements of its communication.

The brand, which has a technical origin, must reflect closeness, humanity and warmth without disregarding its scientific accuracy. Attributes that can be perceived in its logo and its claim, where a graphic and modern line coexists with a calligraphic typography, seeking closeness.


The palette, in blue tones, refers to the lab, the place where Fertilab is created and born. But at the same time, this color also expresses reliability and trust through two different tones, seeking a connection with the public through empathy.

Casa Tobella is the name of a food store company with a family tradition of several generations. We have created a brand that values the story behind the business, giving it at the same time a modern and contemporary look.

To do so, we worked on a new branding that captures the spirit and personality of the store, influencing the perception of the quality of both product and service. A brand that is displayed on many supports such as wrapping paper, packaging or bags, as well as signs, awnings and a digital e-commerce.

Strategy, positioning, concept and development of the Fleetme Branding. A project that launches a sustainable mobility solution on the island of Menorca.

Fleet me is car sharing, understanding the car as a key element for sustainability and local social awareness. An initiative that provides a mobility solution and spreads the concept of sharing.


From this idea, arises a powerful and dynamic brand aimed at a young audience. A brand that communicates both the joy of driving and the possibility that a new paradigm is possible.

The gradient of the blue water of Menorca becomes the main element and is present throughout the graphic universe together with the circuit element, created from the double letter “e” of the logo. A concept that is repeated in different ways in all the brand’s communication elements and that helps to reinforce the idea of Fleetme’s dynamism and joy.

MyStar Autograph Brand personalizes memorabilia and photos of elite athletes with their original calligraphy. An initiative that had the complicity of stars like Messi, Rafa Nadal and Neymar and that required a powerful brand.

A brand where gesture and calligraphy are central players with a strong presence in all the graphic work. A way to convey the product’s concept of uniqueness and exclusiveness.


A branding that speaks of the dynamism, power and joy of sport and elevates the concept of souvenir to an emotional dimension, making fans feel closer to their idols.


At aymerich we developed the conceptualization of the product, the brand and its deployment. A project for which we designed a packaging with a quality seal and an authenticity certificate that conferred quality to the product. We also created an e-commerce platform and carried out online and offline campaigns for different media and promotions with athletes on their social networks.

The RBU is a commitment of the Government to change society with an economic allocation centered on 3 basic principles: individuality, universality and unconditionality.

The implementation of the RBU Pilot Plan in Catalonia demands a powerful visual identity that transmits these values. At the same time, it has to express the disruption that this project means without losing the institutional and sober tone of the Government of Catalonia.


The result is a powerful and dynamic image that synthesizes the 3 elements: income-coins, attention-gaze and universal-world. A vibrant figure that transmits the balance and power that RBU represents.


The corporate image is vital and energetic and leads to the creation of a visual system that embrace the four attributes of the brand: individual, unconditional, universal and regular.

ffuuss is the innovation brand of OTS Group. Its series of hand dryers blend elegance and design with technology, improving user experience with IoT and real-time data.

ffuuss represents the fusion of the physical and digital universe in an elegant and sinuous shaped product. Shapes are transferred to the graphic field with an f inspired by the gesture and the curvature of the ffuuss product. Black and neutral colors of the ffuss graphic universe exude tactile sensuality and connects with the digital world. And it does so through curved lines that convey the values of the user experience: efficiency, comfort, sensuality and technology.


At aymerich we have developed the brand creation project, corporate identity, product naming, brand strategy and social media, including storytelling, stationery, stand and display design, as well as product manuals or technical data sheets.

Cubiq Foods is a food brand that evolves natural ingredients to create synthetic fats. An innovative and futuristic project in food technology that seeks evolution and excellence from a sustainable perspective.

What happens in the laboratory is nearly magic. Inside the lab, ideas and concepts that at some point seemed impossible become real. We take this idea and place it at the center of the brand communication. We create an oneiric imaginary related to the “lab magic” and we apply it to the graphic field. Organic, liquid and fluid shapes provide us a restless and inspiring world. A world made of orange that talks about innovative and new solutions.


We have worked on the conceptualization of the identity, the creation of the brand and its three products. We have designed the website, the graphic system, the stationery assets and the commercial and product presentations.

Alotark wants to build a better future through the fusion of three areas: architecture, engineering and energy. A project that was born with a spirit of change and that communicates through a sexy and forceful symbol.

The logo expresses three-dimensionality in a synthetic way, capturing the concept of space in the 3 dimensions that refer to the 3 work areas of the project. Alotark is a critical and non-conformist brand that expresses itself through strong lines and straight shapes with edges.


We have created the concept, the strategy and the development of the actions and brand assets.

Nuruk is committed to awareness and sustainability in real estate portfolio solutions and urban development. A project that needs to approach and communicate from a close and accessible perspective to its audiences.

Our bet has been to create a powerful brand that, through balance and purity, transmits strength, delicacy, solvency and humanity. Attributes that are manifested through pure lines and minimalist shapes that make the real estate sector, often seen distant, acquire a more human and accessible dimension.

At aymerich we have worked on the creation of the concept, naming, taglines and the brand narrative, as well as on the entire visual display of Nuruk.