The Guttman Institute has launched the BBHI clinical study aimed at knowing and understanding the human brain. This project aims to show the results of a study on a website. To communicate it we made a website and an App that sends messages and exposes results to all the people involved in the project and the general public.

We have generated a graphic world through images and icons that explain the concept in an understandable way using a cheerful and vital tone.


To the medical-scientific record, rigorous for the theme, we added an informative spirit to transmit the information in a positive and close way. Communicating this project is a way to reach society as a whole and make it clear that having more knowledge about our brain means taking care of our health.

ICAEN is the Catalan Energy Institute, a public entity that manages the energy policy of Catalonia.

It is an institution that, despite depending on the Generalitat, had to communicate with its own personality. This is why we developed a branding project that helps reinforce its work according to its goals and values.


We activated all the communicative deployment of the institute, establishing bases and concepts that give rise to a graphic universe and a chromatic system that represents all its work areas. At the same time, we also worked on architectural branding, applying the brand to the physical space of its offices with a system of icons and infographics that were used in the different physical and digital communication materials.

In 2018 Sant Cugat was designated the European City of Sport. A city challenge that implied launching a campaign to involve citizens, clubs, and city entities in the world of sport.

Sport goes beyond competition. This was the concept from which all communication was born, implying that sport is also effort, cohesion, leisure and health.


With a fresh and dynamic tone, the campaign avoids institutional language and uses the motto: this 2018 vibrate with sport like never before!


Vibrant and cheerful colors joined messages that seek to connect with citizens. Dynamic shapes inspired by the logo, get in and out of the design pieces, bringing movement to the graphic world aiming to reflect the feeling of sporting.  

Centre d’Estudis del Mar (CEM) is a Diputació de Barcelona facility that promotes knowledge of the coastline and the marine world to ensure its conservation and protection.

The new identity we have created refers to the elements of the marine world. The shades of blue evoke the Mediterranean Sea through flowing shapes inspired by the movement of waves. It is a contemporary brand identity where fish and Posidonia algae also have a place. The graphics are declined into educational materials, dissemination pieces, and signage of the center.


To renew the visual identity of the CEM, we developed a Communication Plan that covers all areas of work and aims to reach different audiences: schools, citizens, tourists, and entities. A new image that values the work and activities of the center and also emphasizes its leadership as a pioneer in underwater spaces.

Fertilab is a brand that generates enthusiasm for life. We see it as an organic and joyful project that transmits confidence through the different elements of its communication.

The brand, which has a technical origin, must reflect closeness, humanity and warmth without disregarding its scientific accuracy. Attributes that can be perceived in its logo and its claim, where a graphic and modern line coexists with a calligraphic typography, seeking closeness.


The palette, in blue tones, refers to the lab, the place where Fertilab is created and born. But at the same time, this color also expresses reliability and trust through two different tones, seeking a connection with the public through empathy.

The prestigious Hotel Sir Victor in Barcelona needed to apply its brand in the architectural space through a genuine signage project.

We worked to materialize the brand’s visual identity in a graphic image that integrates into the space. A way to use design to strengthen the branding of the luxury hotel through an elegant and sober identity.


We used the brand’s pigments, working with a copper and black palette with gradients generating functional pieces. Bringing distinction and delicacy to a luxury space designed for enjoyment and comfort. A way to display the brand, adapting it to the functional needs of the space.

Autoocupació is a rebranding project that started with a new brand name that deploys in all the ways that the brand interacts with its audiences.

Starting with a new naming, which now describes the company activity and connects more directly with the audience, we created a very representative graphic world based on the name of Autoocupació, playing with the double “o” to create an iconic brand element.


A comprehensive communication work based on the claim “I am who I want to be” and which continues with a manifesto or a special infographic for the brand’s 30th anniversary. We also created a new website project that combines the branding applied in the space we made for their offices.

Casa Tobella is the name of a food store company with a family tradition of several generations. We have created a brand that values the story behind the business, giving it at the same time a modern and contemporary look.

To do so, we worked on a new branding that captures the spirit and personality of the store, influencing the perception of the quality of both product and service. A brand that is displayed on many supports such as wrapping paper, packaging or bags, as well as signs, awnings and a digital e-commerce.

Strategy, positioning, concept and development of the Fleetme Branding. A project that launches a sustainable mobility solution on the island of Menorca.

Fleet me is car sharing, understanding the car as a key element for sustainability and local social awareness. An initiative that provides a mobility solution and spreads the concept of sharing.


From this idea, arises a powerful and dynamic brand aimed at a young audience. A brand that communicates both the joy of driving and the possibility that a new paradigm is possible.

The gradient of the blue water of Menorca becomes the main element and is present throughout the graphic universe together with the circuit element, created from the double letter “e” of the logo. A concept that is repeated in different ways in all the brand’s communication elements and that helps to reinforce the idea of Fleetme’s dynamism and joy.

Node is an architectural branding project. It is the name of the project and the building, but also the concept of the creative proposal that generates a sustainable, innovative, inclusive and efficient brand. Just like Node building.

Node is also a signage project, where graphics transcend their traditional format to merge with space and represent the reality of what Node is: a system that connects people with the spaces of the different companies in Estabanell group.


The graphic universe fuses with the architectural one, leading to a space that simulates a circuit with interconnected elements that go in and out.   The pictograms, the signage or the graphic system. Everything in this project is designed to capture the identity of the brand in the singularity of the building.