ICAEN is the Catalan Energy Institute, a public entity that manages the energy policy of Catalonia.

It is an institution that, despite depending on the Generalitat, had to communicate with its own personality. This is why we developed a branding project that helps reinforce its work according to its goals and values.


We activated all the communicative deployment of the institute, establishing bases and concepts that give rise to a graphic universe and a chromatic system that represents all its work areas. At the same time, we also worked on architectural branding, applying the brand to the physical space of its offices with a system of icons and infographics that were used in the different physical and digital communication materials.

The prestigious Hotel Sir Victor in Barcelona needed to apply its brand in the architectural space through a genuine signage project.

We worked to materialize the brand’s visual identity in a graphic image that integrates into the space. A way to use design to strengthen the branding of the luxury hotel through an elegant and sober identity.


We used the brand’s pigments, working with a copper and black palette with gradients generating functional pieces. Bringing distinction and delicacy to a luxury space designed for enjoyment and comfort. A way to display the brand, adapting it to the functional needs of the space.