Corporate identity

MyStar Autograph Brand personalizes memorabilia and photos of elite athletes with their original calligraphy. An initiative that had the complicity of stars like Messi, Rafa Nadal and Neymar and that required a powerful brand.

A brand where gesture and calligraphy are central players with a strong presence in all the graphic work. A way to convey the product’s concept of uniqueness and exclusiveness.


A branding that speaks of the dynamism, power and joy of sport and elevates the concept of souvenir to an emotional dimension, making fans feel closer to their idols.


At aymerich we developed the conceptualization of the product, the brand and its deployment. A project for which we designed a packaging with a quality seal and an authenticity certificate that conferred quality to the product. We also created an e-commerce platform and carried out online and offline campaigns for different media and promotions with athletes on their social networks.

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